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8 months pregnant when she went missing

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Who is Scott Peterson?

Scott and Laci Peterson were known as the perfect couple by people around them. Scott Peterson was born on October 24th of 1972, in San Diego, California. His mother and father had six children, and Scott grew up in a stable household. Scott worked as a fertilizer salesman in Modesto, California.

Who is Laci Peterson?

Laci was born in Modesto, California, on May 4th of 1975. Laci’s mother describes her daughter as very headstrong, and there was no way to change her mind about anything. Laci’s friends describe her as a big-hearted, loving, supporting person. Her mother and father’s names are Dennis and Sharon…

The Christian Andreacchio Case

Christian Andreacchio-The photo was taken from-

Mississippi, a murder mystery, Christian Andreaccio found lying dead in his bathroom by a close friend and his girlfriend, a corrupt county, and a twisted relationship. A confusing case and a family filled with hope continue a battle against their DA to continue looking into their son Christian and seek justice.

Who was Christian Andreaccio?

Rae Andreaccio, the mother, describes her son as an outdoor-loving, charismatic, lively boy who had a dream to live and work on the water. Christian was a hardworking man and had a great social life. He had a girlfriend, who has been described as a troubled teen. …

A controversial case that still spikes the question, murder or self-defense?

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A couple who love the outdoors and a girlfriend that obsesses about guns. Tragedy strikes when a man is killed by a fatal gunshot to the chest/neck area. The question surfaces was this a case of murder or self-defense?

Who was Steven?

Steven was born on January 1st of 1995. He grew up in a small town named Griffin, located in Georgia.

He grew up in a healthy household with his mother, father, and brother. Their names are Jennifer, Troy, and Blake.

His friends all described him as a good and loyal friend. Everyone who knows Steven says that he was always smiling…


What does stability mean to you?

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Being in a relationship can be amazing, loving someone other than yourself can be healthy if you do it the right way.

What is stability?

All Relationships Have Their Rocky Patches…

Relationships are not always permanent happiness and rainbows. Struggles come up out of the blue and toss the salad a little more than usual. Stressful situations can cause these rocky patches and if these rocky patches are not dealt with in the right manner they fall apart and create a problem larger than before. …

Let's talk about that!

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Believing in someone is not that hard, trusting in someone can be pretty hard depending on the circumstances, but believing in yourself shouldn't be hard at all, and having self-confidence should be a priority. Here are my story and 4 ways to boost your self-confidence and belief in yourself!

First, let's talk about me ( Haha!)

As I have grown up to be the lady I am now, I have looked back and wondered where my confidence was, where my passion was, and I would love to ask my past self where my belief in myself was. When I hit 12 I wanted…

A break in the case?

This photo was taken from Photo of the two victims and the suspected murderer.

A Recap:

On February 13th of 2017, Abigail Williams and her friend Liberty German, decided to go on a walk in the nice weather. The two friends got dropped off at the Delphi historical trail, near the Monon High bridge at 1 pm.

Libby ( Liberty ) had taken a photo of Abby walking on the bridge about an hour after being dropped off and posted the photo on social media. The girls had arranged to be picked up at 3 pm that afternoon.

At 3 pm the girls were not at the location they were to…

A 3-year-old angel goes missing with no trace. A new break in this 13-year-old case. The most heavily reported missing persons case in modern history.

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Madeleine McCann, just three years old at the time, and her parents Kate and Gerry McCann, were on holiday in Portugal when the unexpected happens…

Who was Madeleine McCann:

Madeleine McCann was a three-year-old toddler when she went missing. She was a kind-hearted, sweet, and intelligent little girl. She was a loyal friend and always made people smile.

Madeleine’s Parents:

Madeleine’s parents are both skilled physicians. Born in 1968 near Liverpool, Kate graduated from the University of Dundee with a degree…

An affair that would cost them their lives

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Who are the Gerardot’s?

Mark and Jannair cox are a married couple. The two first met in the ’80s. Mark was eighteen when he saw Jannair working at a TacoBell, and he realized how beautiful she was. Four to five years later, Mark and Jannair saw each other again, and they ended up going on a date.

Jannair was known as a popular girl in school. Many people in the community believed that Jannair was out of Mark’s league. Mark seemed to have a lot of fun with Jannair because she was more of a rebel than he was. Jannair was described as very…

The tragic story of Skylar Annette Neese

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Who was Skylar Annette Neese?

Skylar was born on February 10th of 1996. Her parent’s names are Mary and Dave Neese. Skylar’s parents loved her so much. As Skylar was growing up, Mary and Dave describe her as being loving and dedicated to people. Skylar was said to be very Genuine.

When Skylar was in second grade, she met some new friends. One of her new friends was Sheila Eddy. The two got very close, and they continued to hang out through their school career. Sheila came over to their house for dinner and to play. …

Tatiana Santana

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