Brooke Skylar Richardson, Her Story and Where Brooke is Today

She hid her pregnancy from everyone, where is her baby?

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Who is Brooke Skylar Richardson?

Brooke, also known as Skylar, was born in Charlise, Ohio. Charlise is a small town with only 5,000 residents. Brooke has a brother named Jackson, and her mother and father’s names are Kim and Scott Richardson. From the outside looking in, the home looked loving and perfect.

Brooke and her brother were athletic, Jackson played football, and Brooke was on the cheerleading team. Brooke was a flier, she was very aware of her body and loved the sport. Unfortunately, the pressure of being a cheerleader got to Brooke, and she developed an eating disorder. Brooke’s eating disorder was severe and practically ran her day-to-day life. Brooke’s mother recounts that when Brooke was 12 years old, she did not want to buy gum because it had too many calories.

Brooke is known to be a private person. She struggles to trust in people and express her emotions and may play a large role in her eating disorder.


In July of 2016, Brooke started dating a friend’s cousin. They dated for a short amount of time and ended the relationship a few months later. Going into 2017, Brooke started dating another guy. Brandon, Brooke’s new boyfriend, was a junior at her high school, and Brooke enjoyed being with him. Their relationship became serious very fast. Brooke’s parents saw that their daughter was happy and liked Brandon a lot. They believed that he was a good influence on her and saw Brooke at her best for a long time. Brooke’s parents realized that she was gaining weight, and they thought it was due to her being happy. Brooke’s parents said that she was on her way to a happier, healthier life.

The Doctor’s Office:

Since Brooke was in a relationship, her mother thought it was time for Brooke to get on birth control. The two went to the doctor, and when they got there, Brooke’s mother sat in the waiting room, and Brooke went into the room. When Brooke came out of the room to leave, her mother saw that she had been crying. Brooke told her mother that she was crying because the appointment was…



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