DoorDash, Why it’s Worth the Time.

Tatiana Santana
3 min readDec 5, 2020

My Experience.

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Being a College student, I have found that it is hard to go to school full time and work enough to support yourself. When I graduated from high school I really did not know what I wanted to do for a career, I didn’t know exactly what to major in and every time I thought I knew what I wanted, I would change my mind. About a year out of high school I realized dentistry would be a good opportunity and my community offered a program to become a dental assistant, so I became one. Once I graduated from the certified program I realized how hard it was to find a decent paying job in the field I specialized in and started to realize that it wasn’t going to pay my expenses.

I then found out that DoorDash was a thing and that the people in my community working for DoorDash were making a decent amount every month, enough to pay for their expenses at the least. So I signed up and started about two weeks later.

DoorDash has a pay system that goes as follows, the pay week starts on Monday at 12:00 am and ends Sunday nights at 12:00 am. You have two options to receive your money, the first being a direct deposit, where your money is drafted into your account in 2–3 business days, or fast pay where you receive your money any time of the week including Sundays before 12 am with the fee of $1.99 each transaction.

The only thing I was worried about was the demographics of the small city I currently live in. My brother that recently moved to Arizona was also in a small city but he made around $300.00 a week. My first week I was very nervous, but I drove around 4 hours each night during what DoorDash specified as their “peak time” and I was impressed, however, I didn’t know exactly what tips and tricks to use at the time.

There are many different things you need to do to succeed while working a self-contractor for DoorDash, the first being how many miles each delivery takes and how much money that delivery is bringing your way. For instance, if a delivery is a balance of $8.50 and the miles to travel is 2.0mi then you are making a large profit, but if the delivery is a balance of $4.00 for 8.1mi then you are not making enough profit and it is not worth it. I soon realized that the balance should be around $6.00 minimum for anywhere between 1.0mi and 2.0mi or $8.00…

Tatiana Santana

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