The Bizarre Death of Ellen Rae Greenberg

A tragic ending to a beautiful life

Tatiana Santana
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Who was Ellen Greenberg?

Ellen was born on June 23rd of 1983. in New York City. Ellen is the daughter of Joshua Greenberg and Sandra Greenberg, who both work in the dental field. Joshua describes Ellen as a girly girl who was very athletic. Ellen is described as incredibly kind and a nurturing soul. Because of her nurturing characteristics, Ellen went into teaching, and many of her students absolutely adored her.

Ellen met a man named Sam who worked in the Tv industry. Sam was a producer for NBC. After being together for three years, the couple ended up getting engaged. Ellen was happy at this time in her life. They planned to have their wedding in August of 2011. Ellen’s father says that they were excited. She had finally found a man that she absolutely loved. He approved of the engagement and planned to help out with the wedding.

Before the tragedy…

On January 26th of 2011, Ellen was on the way to work and spoke to her mother on the phone. It was a typical conversation. They talked about taxes and the snow falling there in Pennsylvania. The snow ended up getting worse, and the school was dismissed early. Ellen helped all of her students call their families and made sure everyone had a ride home. After all of her students were gone, she went and got some gas and went home. When she got home, the couple hung out for a little while, and then Sam went to go workout.

The tragedy and the evidence:

On his arrival, Sam realized their door was locked. It was unusual for her to be home and close the door. The door was not locked as usual it was closed with a swing lock. They only did this at night and never did it in the daytime. Sam texts her and tells her that he is home waiting at the door. He also says that he is getting aggravated and can not open the door. Sam started to worry when Sam got no response and went to security to ask them to open the door. The Security worker told Sam that he could not open the door for him because it is against the policy, so Sam decided to break in and have the security worker supervise it.



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