The Chilling Murder of Travis Alexander

Does a stalker ex-girlfriend defend herself or is it all an act?

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Who Is Jodi Arias?

Jodi was born on July 9th of 1980. She was born in a town called Salinas, California. She grew up in an average household that was semi-religious, but they never took it very seriously. When growing up, Jodi’s parents bought her a flute, and she learned to play.

On the outside, Jodi’s childhood was what many call normal. Most of the people that knew the family often thought that they were perfect. Others believed that there was not much going on behind the scenes. However, Jodi’s testimony in court says otherwise. Although Jodi states many things about her childhood, none of the information has been confirmed or deemed truthful. One statement about Jodi’s side of the story was given by her parents. They said that she over-dramatized all statements regarding her childhood. They even said that Jodi did this to help herself in the case and gain some leverage.

Jodi claims that during her childhood. Jodi says that she was the victim of abuse from a young age by her father. Jodi says that she was kicked, shoved, and hit with various wooden spoons.

Jodi’s criminal record started around 8th or 9th grade when she was caught growing marijuana in her home. In her school career, she was said to be very smart and had a passion for school. Jodi seemed to change in the following years and dropped out of High school in 11th grade. In her adult years, Jodi went back and obtained her GED.

Growing up, Jodi seemed to always have a boyfriend. Jodi would always take pictures of her boyfriends because she was into photography. Jodi hoped to one day make her passion for photography a career.

For a while, Jodi worked as a part-time photographer. She did not make as much money as she needed. So she resorted to working as a waiter at the Ventana Inn and Spa in 2001. Jodi ended up dating and living with a man named Daryl in California.

Who was Travis Alexander?

Travis was born on July 28th of 1977. He was born in Riverside, California. Growing up, Travis had a terrible childhood. Travis learned how to take care of himself from a…



Tatiana Santana

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