What Happened in Apartment 801?

The Christian Andreacchio Case

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Christian Andreacchio-The photo was taken from- News.yahoo.com

Mississippi, a murder mystery, Christian Andreaccio found lying dead in his bathroom by a close friend and his girlfriend, a corrupt county, and a twisted relationship. A confusing case and a family filled with hope continue a battle against their DA to continue looking into their son Christian and seek justice.

Who was Christian Andreaccio?

Rae Andreaccio, the mother, describes her son as an outdoor-loving, charismatic, lively boy who had a dream to live and work on the water. Christian was a hardworking man and had a great social life. He had a girlfriend, who has been described as a troubled teen. She had a history of drugs and did not have a stable home environment.

Christian worked on a tug boat where he worked 30-day increments and would come home after the 30 days to party and socialize with friends. He would go home and hang out with his family as well.

Christian and his parents had a good relationship. The whole family was very close. They all enjoyed their time together. It was a healthy and happy home.
Christian had many friends who described him as being very social, outgoing and the life of the party. He enjoyed sitting down with friends, partying, and having a good time while he was off work.

Whitley, Christian’s Girlfriend…

Whitley was known for her troubled behavior. She did not have a good home life and needed a place to stay. The Andreaccio’s permitted their son to have Whitley live in the home with him. A few suspicious incidences happened involving Whitley while she lived in the house. For example, Whitley had given Christian’s younger sister a Xanax and left her in the basement by herself. This made Christian’s parents furious. Whitley had also shot an image of Christian and his ex-girlfriend and handed it to Christian’s mother Rae. This made the Andreaccio parents skeptical. They told Christian to have Whitley leave the house at once.

Once Whitley had to leave, Christian had made a call to his brother, they agreed on a few things. Christian made plans to move into the apartment his brother was living in.



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