What Happened to Laci Peterson?

8 months pregnant when she went missing

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Who is Scott Peterson?

Scott and Laci Peterson were known as the perfect couple by people around them. Scott Peterson was born on October 24th of 1972, in San Diego, California. His mother and father had six children, and Scott grew up in a stable household. Scott worked as a fertilizer salesman in Modesto, California.

Who is Laci Peterson?

Laci was born in Modesto, California, on May 4th of 1975. Laci’s mother describes her daughter as very headstrong, and there was no way to change her mind about anything. Laci’s friends describe her as a big-hearted, loving, supporting person. Her mother and father’s names are Dennis and Sharon Anderson. Laci was raised by her mother and her stepfather Ron.

Laci was a horticulture major in college due to her love for plants. Laci attended California Polytechnic State University. While at Cal Poly, she met Scott Peterson.

Laci gave Scott her phone number, and once they started to hang out, Laci called her mother and told her that this was the man she wanted to marry. After dating for two years, Scott and Laci moved in together and got engaged in December of 1996. The couple got married on August 9th of 1997.

The married life:

Their first two years of their marriage went smoothly. They were not trying to have kids, and they were happy with their lives. In December of 2000, Laci started trying to conceive. Pregnancy was a dream of Laci’s, and once they were stable, she wanted to pursue that dream. Laci and Scott tried for a while. They thought that it was not going to happen naturally, so Laci decided to seek fertility treatments. Right before they made the appointment at the fertility clinic, they found out Laci was pregnant in May of 2002.


Laci’s mother Sharon had realized some red flags about the couple’s relationship when Laci was pregnant. Laci told her mother to feel the baby kick and placed her mother’s hand on her stomach. When her mother touched her stomach, Laci leaned over and told her mother that Scott didn’t like to feel the baby or touch Laci’s belly at all. This encounter…



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