Who Is Luis Garavito?

The Columbian serial killer with 138 confirmed murders out of a 300 murder claim

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There have been many serial killers in the history of our world, likely many of them are on the rise and have not been discovered yet, while others have been killing for years and seem untouchable.

Most serial killers do not have any compassion or regret toward their victims and in many cases, they are so brutal toward their victims we can not comprehend it.

One of the people we can not comprehend as humans have to be Luis Garavito.

Who was Luis Garavito?

Luis Garavito, also known as “ The Beast “, was born in Genova, Quindío, Colombia, and was born on January 25th of 1957. He was the oldest of his seven brothers and all of them reported having a terrible childhood due to the terrifying actions of their alcoholic father. Garavito was subject to extensive physical and sexual abuse from a young age; this is what he claimed at least.

At the early age of 16, Luis Garavito ran away from his home in hopes to escape from the abuse of his father. To find work, Garavito had to travel to many places around Columbia. He found a job as a store clerk but instead took to the streets to sell religious prayer cards and figurines. Although Garavito traveled through Columbia for an extensive amount of time, he had a steady girlfriend who had a small child. Friends testify that Garavito was a good man to the little boy, despite his volcanic temper.

As Luis Garavito reached adulthood, he ended up picking up his father's alcoholic tendencies and became drunk and belligerent everywhere he went that served or sold alcohol. In his adult life, he continued traveling and roaming for side jobs that would make him enough money to survive. According to medical records and police reports, Garavito had attempted to commit suicide and received five years of psychiatric care.

The beginning of a murder spree…

It seems to everyone that his murder spree began sometime in 1992. He seemed to be very careful in choosing his victims and only chose young boys that he could coax into his reach by asking them if they wanted to perform side jobs for him to…



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